Medical Cannabis Sales

Medical Cannabis Sales

Urban Farmacy is proud to serve both recreational and medical cannabis users.  As one of Portland’s first licensed medical dispensaries we continue to serve the Oregon medical marijuana community by offering quarter pounds and half pounds to OMMP patients and caregivers.

OMMP Patient Cannabis Flower Purchase Limits:

An OMMP patient may purchase a total of 2 pounds per calendar month, in half pound increments.  Due to COVID-19 the OLCC has temporarily increased the daily purchase limit to 1.5 pounds per day with the same 2 pound monthly limit.


The average medical cannabis sale appointment takes 15-30 minutes, depending on how many different cannabis flowers a person wants to view.  As such, we have created an appointment booking system to help curb wait times.  At this time, due to COVID-19 protocols there is a limited number of people allowed in the cannabis sales room at one time.

Medical Cannabis Menu

We often have cannabis strains available exclusively for medical patients.  You can find our menu below on this page.  Disclaimer: We update our online menu twice daily, however it changes frequently, so it is possible that things are sold out from the time you view it online and the time you arrive at the store.

Medical Sales Guidelines

  • Only the OMMP patient or caregiver may:
    • Purchase medical flower
    • Reserve medical flower
    • View medical flower
  • Please limit cell phone use during your appointment
  • Our parking lot is small, please be mindful to only park in the lot while you are shopping
  • Due to our limited space and Social Distancing requirements, usually we can only allow one medical flower sale at a time.  Making an appointment will curb your wait time.
  • Hold policy: You may call and request to put medical cannabis flower on-hold sight unseen for 2 hours.  If you come into the store and view an item you may request to hold it until close of business that same day.