Virgin Cannabis 7 Pack of Joints

Virgin Cannabis 7 Pack of Joints By: Enzo Virgin knocked it out of the park with their new full flower pre-roll seven pack. These babies are stuffed full of top shelf flower and have a very smooth and consistent smoke. Definitely a premium product without the heavy price tag. The branding is a beautiful black […]

High Desert Pure Bath Salts

High Desert Pure Bath Salts By: Bee A soak that stays (but not in your tub!) Having never experienced a medicated bath, I dove straight in. High Desert Pure’s Full Spectrum Soak & Fizz is intoxicating upon both first glance and first sniff. Reminiscent of something magical in a bottle, the purple tones of the […]

Peak: Sunset Sherbert Tincture

Peak: Sunset Sherbert Tincture By: Mike Peak Tinctures are among the highest quality tinctures in the land, but what is a “bright indica”, and why might Peak Bright Indica tincture be for you? A bright indica is Peak’s way of telling us that the effects are going to be calming and de-stressing, without the all […]

Herban Tribe Delta 8 Tincture

Herban Tribe Delta 8 Tincture By: Josh I’ve been using this tincture to help me relax before bedtime, and I feel like it’s been helping considerably! Since I began taking it, I’ve been able to relax easily when I want, with little or no grogginess in the morning. Which is a big deal for me, […]

Leif Goods 1:1 Coffee Chocolate Bar

Leif Goods 1:1 Coffee Chocolate Bar By: Bee Infused with cold brew coffee and sprinkled with crumbled biscotti cookies, Leif Goods offers a chocolate bar that is unattainable anywhere else in the cannabis industry. Infused with high quality cannabis oil, Leif Goods aims to produce products with as clear a conscience as possible 一Sourcing organic […]

WVA Dabs

WVA Dabs By: Maddy If you are a lazy dabber, like me, then it’s easy to see the appeal of an all-in-one portable dab pen like the Puffco Plus. No torch necessary makes enjoying some top-shelf dabs like Willamette Valley Alchemy’s Platinum Kush Breath Live Badder an easy option no matter where the day takes […]

Bobsled Cartridges

Bobsled Cartridges By: Bri Terp Alert! Bobsled Extracts did the damn thing with their live resin sauce cartridges. I have been on the go a ton lately which means I’ve been relying heavily on my dab pen for convenience with no mess or prep. While I love flower, I cannot be driving my bongs around: […]

Rolen Stone

Rolen Stone By: Randa I just got my hands on Rolen Stones rosin and my mind is blown. To start, the packaging was really clean and classy and the rosin itself was in glass, with an easy open lid. It was buttery, melted beautifully, and the flavor was full bodied. A top shelf product but […]

Magic Indica Drops

Magic Indica Drops By: Tony Looking to catch up on some sleep or just have a higher tolerance for edibles? If you’ve tried other tinctures but frankly aren’t into the way they taste or maybe you just don’t like coconut, MCT, or alcohol based tinctures: consider trying out the Magic Number Cream Soda indica high […]

Happy Hippy Bubble Hash

Happy Hippy Bubble Hash By: Enzo As the age of recreation cannabis dominates our culture, quality hash has been harder and harder to find. Thankfully, our friends over at Happy Hippy have us covered. Full spectrum bubble hash is the perfect utility concentrate. Easily thrown on top of a bowl or blended into a joint, […]