Artifact Extracts – Irish Stout Diamonds

Artifact Extracts – Irish Stout Diamonds By: Josh Good morning America, I’m coming to you live from my backyard and I have some LIT news for you: Artifact Extracts has some serious fire coming down the pipeline! Artifact’s new line hit the shelf @ Urban Farmacy and so far the crew is in love. I’ve […]

Buddies Disposable Vape

Buddies Disposable Vape By: Alyson The thing I like about this disposable pen, is that it has a micro usb port to charge if the battery dies. I’ve had issues with disposable pens before where the battery died and I still had a good 20-40 puffs left in the cartridge. The oil itself is smooth, […]

Happy Cabbage Gelato Cheesecake Dab

Happy Cabbage Gelato Cheesecake Dab By: Taylor Happy Cabbage continues to please! I have already raved about their cartridges, and I’m here to say Happy Cabbage Rosin Batter is no exception. Upon eagerly getting this concentrate home, I cracked right in to marvel at this lovely. My anxiously awaited Gelato Cheesecake was a beautiful, pale […]

Physics Nude Balm

Physics Nude Balm By: Krystal Are you in search of relief without the groggy feeling of medication or cannabis? Look no further! Topical cannabis lotions and salves engage the Endogenous cannabinoid system through the receptors in your skin, muscles, and nerves, without reaching your bloodstream.  The result is localized relaxing benefits of cannabis without any […]

High Desert Pure Celebrate Tincture

High Desert Pure Celebrate Tincture By: Josh Hello friends, it’s that time of the week again. I found another awesome tincture and I’m so excited to share it with you! This time it’s a solid THC choice from High Desert Pure, 1000mg no less. Normally I don’t go for something with that kind of potency, […]

Happy Hippy Hashish

Happy Hippy Hashish By: Tony As I opened the container right from the get-go, I knew this was a quality product. Laying flat and glimmering like a pancake, sat my lovely hash! Happy Hippy Hashish has a relaxing and pain-relieving heady experience. You can feel the heavy effects of Caryophyllene and Myrcene, it will have […]

High Desert Pure Creamsicle “Partake” Tincture

High Desert Pure Creamsicle “Partake” Tincture By: Brittany This tincture is hands down one of the tastiest yet! With a 1:60 / CBD:THC ratio this product effortlessly soothes the soul and mind as the cannabis flavor is lightly coated with a creamsicle sweetness. I suggest this product for those who need to concentrate heavily on […]

Happy Cabbage – Electric Lotus

Happy Cabbage – Electric Lotus By: Taylor Without thinking, my first words after hitting Happy Cabbage’s rosin cartridge were “Damn, this is delicious!”. I can honestly say this is the hands down best tasting cartridge I have ever had in my personal cannabis journey. If you like the full-bodied flavor of a good live resin […]

Pot Sauce

Pot Sauce By: Krystal Brand: Pot Sauce Cannabis Hot Sauce – Made by Portland Oven Content: 50mg of THC in 10ml (.35 fluid ounces) Activation time – about 30 minutes (per packaging, and in practice) Heat Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (less spicy than Sriracha) Chili Notes: Chili was definitely a high note, but […]

Medicine Farm Tinctures

Medicine Farm Tinctures By: Josh This tincture is a staple of Medicine Farm Botanicals tincture line. Medicine Farm is a Eugene based topical company that carries two product lines, both tinctures and balms. I really enjoy their balms, I reviewed their “Dragon Balm” a while back. You can find that review here, spoiler alert: I […]