Maui Waui King Palm Blunt

Maui Waui King Palm Blunt By: Emily Maui Waui is a classic mood-elevating strain. No matter the occasion, I feel one can’t go wrong with this cultivar. This past month Urban Farmacy added house-rolled king palm blunts with the strain Maui Waui! Upon sparking up, the smoke is smooth. Each hit is tasty and strong. […]

High Desert Pure Lip Balm

High Desert Pure Lip Balm By: Maddy ‘Tis the season for cold winds and dry, chapped lips! My lips are kept moisturized with help from the full-spectrum Vanilla Almond Biscotti flavored lip balm from High Desert Pure. There are no psychoactive effects felt when applied: this handy chapstick is my most often used product from […]

Summer Sunset OG

Summer Sunset OG By: Mike My primary use for cannabis is stress relief. I’m always on the lookout for strains that are going to help me change the channel mentally after a day of work. Summer Sunset OG is a triumph in that regard, providing strong mental relaxation, euphoria, and heavy eyelids. It’s certainly not […]

Magic Number Apple Pie Shot

Magic Number Apple Pie Shot By: Devon My first drink by Magic Number was actually the THC Mandarin Lime Soda at 50mg. My thought was: it is refreshing to see a soda that is strain specific! That is often hard to find in relation to edibles; let alone a beverage! My attention was snagged when […]

Laurie and MaryJane Gingerbread Latte Fudge 

Laurie and MaryJane Gingerbread Latte Fudge By: Maddy I don’t always choose edibles for my cannabis consumption, but when I do I look for  full-spectrum, affordable options. The seasonal release by Laurie & Mary Jane’s Fudge Yourself line is a delectable gingerbread latte that’s perfect for the holidays. This full-spectrum hybrid fudge leaves lasting flavors […]

Empower Bath Salts

Empower Bath Salts By: Emily Taking a bath is a very relaxing time. Empower takes bath time to the next level with their Lavender and Bergamot infused salts. The water becomes your topical when you dump these salts into the hot water, and your whole body gets to feel the effects of the cannabis with […]

Om Remedies: Love Bomb

Om Remedies: Love Bomb By: Julie If you’re looking to improve your bedtime sports performance, cannabis-infused lube is the secret. The Love Bomb sensual body butter from OM Remedies is such a game-changer! This product is a coconut oil-based balm that facilitates both maximal comfort and heightened sensation with immediate results. Its natural alkalinity makes […]

Luminous Botanicals Earth

Luminous Botanicals Earth By: Emily Luminous Botanicals Earth is a tincture, a topical, and a sensual oil all rolled into one. This coconut and almond oil is CBD dominant. Each dose contains 9mg of CBD, and 1mg of THC. I predominantly use this oil orally during the day for nerve pain that resides in my […]

Mule Kicker: Cannabis Gummy

Mule Kicker: Cannabis Gummy By: Randa I am shook! The pineapple gummy from Mule is incredible. My mouth watered as soon as I opened the package. The pineapple smell was so juicy: it tasted exactly as it smelled. In the past, it’s been trouble finding a consistency I enjoy, but this one finally hit the […]

Dosi Mint By Midnight Fruit Company

Dosi Mint By Midnight Fruit Company By: Trevor Midnight Fruit Company is one of my favorite farms since they’ve been introduced to Urban Farmacy. I honestly can’t get enough of them: all the flower is top-notch! Not only the looks, but the smell, taste and smokability all are outstanding 10/10! More specifically, the Dosi Mint […]