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If you’re in need of anything related to cannabis, we’ve got it here. From edibles and accessories that will get your indulgence on! All flower on the Urban Farmacy shelf is Oregon local, including some grown in Portland! If you are seeking concentrates for the more intense experience, or even just looking around, our selection has everything including new marijuana brands all listed conveniently together! Order today to take advantage of our fast and easy cannabis delivery straight to your home. Go on, you deserve it!





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If this is your first time placing a cannabis delivery order or even your first time purchasing through Urban Farmacy you may be wondering what happens when you click the “Place Order” button after your order on our site.

Here’s a little sneak peak behind the scenes when it comes to our Urban Farmacy cannabis delivery service:

  1. You place your order online via our menu page or using the Leafly, Weedmaps or Dutchie platforms.    
  2. Your order arrives in our online cue at our pick up and delivery order terminal.  
  3. You will be notified that we have received your order and it is being prepared.
  4. We handpick your products and/or weigh your cannabis flower.  
  5. We process your order through the Oregon State Cannabis tracking software METRC.  METRC generates what they call a manifest that allows us to travel to your home with your order.  
  6. We then notify you that we are on our way to deliver your order!
  7. When we arrive, you must show your OLCC approved state identification.
  8. You sign for your delivery and viola: you receive your goodies and enjoy! 

So that’s how it works! It looks like quite the process but our team here at Urban Farmacy has perfected the cannabis delivery service over the years. We do our best to not only get your order out to you as fast as possible, but also to make sure it’s the best overall cannabis delivery service all around. With that being said if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our budtenders, or if you have any suggestions on things that could be improved we would love to hear from you as well.

Cannabis Delivery FAQ

OLCC regulations allow cannabis delivery in the city you are licensed. Portland Dispensary Urban Farmacy is licensed in the City of Portland. As such, we are only allowed to deliver to home addresses with Portland addresses. Suburbs including but not limited to Beaverton, Milwaukie, Gresham & Troutdale are not within the licensed delivery area.

Leafly and Dutchie allow you to select the desired time you would like your cannabis delivered. That being said, occasionally processing time could take up to 2 hours after you place your order. We do our best to be timely and deliver your order at the time you requested!

All Urban Farmacy delivery orders must be placed through online ordering platforms via our website menu page or: Dutchie, Leafly or Weedmaps.
Yes! Urban Farmacy is one of Portland’s oldest and top-rated dispensaries. We are located in the North Tabor neighborhood at 420 NE 60th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. The address is a gem that came with the building! Our building looks like a little red barn just off 60th and Glisan. Stop by anytime for an in-store experience. Our friendly budtenders love to help you find just the right cannabis product!
To place a cannabis delivery order we ask that you place an order with a minimum of $50.00.
To place a cannabis delivery order we ask that you place an order with a minimum of $50.00.
Deliveries are only permitted to residential homes and apartments in the city of Portland. Deliveries are prohibited by OLCC rules to: dormitories, hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, or other commercial businesses.
Deliveries are only available within the city limits of our license, which is Portland, Oregon. We reserve the right to cancel orders that we cannot verify are within our delivery radius.
The customer must be at least 21 years of age, or 18 years and a current OMPP patient. We will need to check your ID (and OMPP card if applicable) at time of delivery.
We do our best to deliver your cannabis however, we reserve the right to cancel orders if safety concerns arise about the route or destination, or if we are unable to get in touch with the customer.
We deliver anywhere within the Portland City limits.
Yes! Your Bud-tender and delivery driver love tips. Just like all service industry workers, if they wow you with their service – show them with a tip! It will make their day! If you are curious about the ins and outs of tipping your cannabis delivery driver check out our blog: wondering how much to tip the marijuana delivery driver.
Rules restrict us to one delivery per residence per day.
The OLCC only allows cannabis delivery one time per 24 hours per address. For this reason we suggest that if there are multiple members of your household who would like to place an order on the same day, combine your orders into one delivery.

The OLCC regulates the amount of cannabis and cannabis products you can purchase.  Recreational purchase limits are different from OLCC medical purchase limits.  For each category or type of cannabis product there are different OLCC cannabis recreational retail purchase limits:

  • 1 ounce Cannabis Flower
  • 5 grams cannabinoid extracts or concentrates
  • 16 ounces cannabinoid product in solid form (edibles)
  • 72 fluid ounces of cannabinoid product in liquid form (tinctures & beverages)
  • 10 marijuana seeds
  • 4 marijuana plants

Yes! You can schedule your delivery for a specific date and time in the future.

Yes! You can schedule your delivery for a specific date and time in the future.