Midnight Fruit Company – Apple Fritter

Midnight Fruit Company – Apple Fritter By: Krystal Midnight Fruit Company is at it again with their delicious Apple Fritter strain! This high hitting cross of sour apple and animal cookies brings on a delicious profile of sweet apple, fresh earth, and light notes of vanilla cake. This dense bud has beautifully shaped nugs resembling […]

WYLD Elderberry CBN/CBD Gummies

WYLD Elderberry CBN/CBD Gummies By: Emily Tis the season of hibernation. As fall sets in, I find myself, like the sun, wanting to go to sleep earlier and earlier. However, sometimes it’s just so darn hard to shut off the brain. WYLD makes these gluten free and vegan gummies are a wonderful pre-bed option for […]

Medicine Farm Botanicals Phoenix Oil

Medicine Farm Botanicals Phoenix Oil By: Taylor Medicine Farm Botanicals Clinical Strength 1:1 Phoenix Oil is a mighty product in tiny packaging. With 250mg of THC and CBD respectively, this little oil boasts over 500mg of total cannabinoids in a 0.3 fl oz (9mL) package. This topical features a variety of essential oils blended beautifully […]

WVA Rosin Cart

WVA Rosin Cart By: Maile I am reviewing the Willamette Valley Alchemy’s Liquid Live Rosin Papaya Cake Cartridge. I enjoyed the child resistant cardboard packaging, it highlights the terpene profile so you know what effects to look forward to. It is also a breeze to recycle! The cartridge has a sleek wooden tip maintaining the […]