Bobsled Tincture

Bobsled Tincture By: Randa I just got my hands on the new tincture we are carrying here at Urban Farmacy from Bobsled Extracts. I have to say, it is quite enjoyable! This High CBD low THC tincture was very light in the mouth which was a pleasant surprise as some tinctures can have a very […]


WVA PAX Pod By: Taylor I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Pax Pods, I finally got my hands on one! All I can say is that they deliver exactly what they promise; A cartridge that works no matter how it’s stored and never leaks! As a person who likes to hike and travel […]

Luminous Botanicals Sky Tincture

Luminous Botanicals Sky Tincture By: Krystal This product was quite a surprise. Not only is it effective but also has multiple uses! Tinctures are typically used orally for sublingual activation and then swallowed for digestive uptake as well. One of my favorite times to use cannabis is during my menstrual cycle. I just had a […]


Pips By: Maile I had the opportunity to enjoy the Gron Pips 1:1 Chocolate Caramel Candies! These candies have a firm caramel center and the crunchy sugar coating that brings back memories of those yummy 90’s candies! A couple of these candies will help you relax into your evening. I danced around the kitchen, happily […]