Mule Infused 2 Pack

Mule Infused 2 Pack By: Em These joints are made with the strain Carson’s Gift, grown at the wonderful Old Apple Farms. Each joint contains both cannabis flower AND cannabis oil. The infused Mule 2 pack is a nice change from normal pre rolled joints. They are both potent and mellow at the same time. […]

Magic Seltzer

Magic Seltzer By: Krystal Magic has always had great drinks and tinctures, and now they have a great tasting, no sugar, no calorie, non-alcoholic drink! This seltzer has a very light flavor of lime and yet the cannabis flavor is completely hidden. Great for a relaxing summer day at the park or taking a nice […]


Smokes By: Randa The Maui Waui 10-pack from Smokes caught my eye today. Let me start off by noticing the packaging is adorable: very colorful and quite eye-catching! Obviously, packaging isn’t everything, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker. First thing I always check when buying joints is the harvest and […]

Artifact Extracts – Irish Stout Diamonds

Artifact Extracts – Irish Stout Diamonds By: Josh Good morning America, I’m coming to you live from my backyard and I have some LIT news for you: Artifact Extracts has some serious fire coming down the pipeline! Artifact’s new line hit the shelf @ Urban Farmacy and so far the crew is in love. I’ve […]

Buddies Disposable Vape

Buddies Disposable Vape By: Alyson The thing I like about this disposable pen, is that it has a micro usb port to charge if the battery dies. I’ve had issues with disposable pens before where the battery died and I still had a good 20-40 puffs left in the cartridge. The oil itself is smooth, […]