Happy Hippy Hashish

Happy Hippy Hashish By: Tony As I opened the container right from the get-go, I knew this was a quality product. Laying flat and glimmering like a pancake, sat my lovely hash! Happy Hippy Hashish has a relaxing and pain-relieving heady experience. You can feel the heavy effects of Caryophyllene and Myrcene, it will have […]

High Desert Pure Creamsicle “Partake” Tincture

High Desert Pure Creamsicle “Partake” Tincture By: Brittany This tincture is hands down one of the tastiest yet! With a 1:60 / CBD:THC ratio this product effortlessly soothes the soul and mind as the cannabis flavor is lightly coated with a creamsicle sweetness. I suggest this product for those who need to concentrate heavily on […]

Happy Cabbage – Electric Lotus

Happy Cabbage – Electric Lotus By: Taylor Without thinking, my first words after hitting Happy Cabbage’s rosin cartridge were “Damn, this is delicious!”. I can honestly say this is the hands down best tasting cartridge I have ever had in my personal cannabis journey. If you like the full-bodied flavor of a good live resin […]

Pot Sauce

Pot Sauce By: Krystal Brand: Pot Sauce Cannabis Hot Sauce – Made by Portland Oven Content: 50mg of THC in 10ml (.35 fluid ounces) Activation time – about 30 minutes (per packaging, and in practice) Heat Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (less spicy than Sriracha) Chili Notes: Chili was definitely a high note, but […]