Medicine Farm Tinctures

Medicine Farm Tinctures By: Josh This tincture is a staple of Medicine Farm Botanicals tincture line. Medicine Farm is a Eugene based topical company that carries two product lines, both tinctures and balms. I really enjoy their balms, I reviewed their “Dragon Balm” a while back. You can find that review here, spoiler alert: I […]

Magic Number 50mg Mandarin Lime

Magic Number 50mg Mandarin Lime By: Brittany When I’m wanting a refreshing beverage with a fun little twist, I turn to the Magic Number sodas. Specially, the mandarin lime flavor for me. This product is made from 100% natural ingredients for the purest, tastiest treat. Derived from flash frozen live resin it is one of […]

Green Well 2:1 Grape Seed Oil Tincture

Green Well 2:1 Grape Seed Oil Tincture By: Tony First off, this tincture is strain specific. It Contains Critical Mass, one of my all time favorite CBD rich Indica flowers with just the right amount of THC that my receptors require. (Also worth mentioning is its fantastic terpene profile that couples together so well). This […]

Permaculture Solutions Hash Rosin

Permaculture Solutions Hash Rosin By: Josh Some extracts frequently claim to be solventless but use butane or propane to process it, despite being purged. This Hash Rosin is actually solventless, they use a traditional ice wash process to create this gorgeous concoction! Dab on a low temp to really be able to taste the terpenes! […]

High Desert Pure – Recover Tincture

High Desert Pure – Recover Tincture By: CannaRanda High desert pure just released a line of full-spectrum cannabis tinctures. This is a 30:1 ratio CBD heavy tincture that is easy to take and cost-effective. What separates this tincture from all the others? First off, this one has a very mild mint chocolate flavor. Both flavors […]