High Desert Pure THC/CBN Tincture

High Desert Pure THC/CBN Tincture By: Josh If you’ve read any of my reviews before you probably know I have a LOT of trouble relaxing at night. Lately, it’s really getting the best of me. Thankfully, High Desert Pure has got my back! This tincture by far has had the most positive effect for me […]

Physic – Nude Balm – by Leif Goods

Physic – Nude Balm – by Leif Goods By: CannaRanda First off, I’m a dedicated fan of Physic Balm. When I saw that they came out with the Nude Balm and had to give it a review. First off their topical line is completely organic and plant-based and utilizes a lot of fantastic ingredients that […]

Gron CBN 2:1 Pearls

Gron CBN 2:1 Pearls By: Mike At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: a good night’s sleep. I would guesstimate that half of my customers and patients at the dispensary come to see me for help sleeping. In the past, I would recommend 1:1 CBD gummies or Purple Hindu Kush […]

Decibel Farms Dab

Decibel Farms Dab By: Randa I had the absolute pleasure of trying the decibel Choco-Bonkers Live Rosin. The packaging is very classic looking and the childproof packaging was not stoner proof like some of the impossible-to-open dabs I’ve seen come out recently. Enough about that though, let’s talk about this AMAZING Rosin. First off, it’s […]