High Desert Pure Menthol Lotion

High Desert Pure Menthol Lotion By: Tony High Desert Pure 1:1 clinical strength menthol lotion. Personally, I am already a daily user of their products before Urban Farmacy decided adding this to its arsenal! I had the pleasure of trying out HDP’s clinical strength 1:1 menthol Lotion. Upon application you immediately feel the cannabinoids, coupled […]

Gron 4:1 Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Gron 4:1 Dark Chocolate Raspberry By: Josh Gron is at it again! This sumptuous little snack is a 4:1 CBD:THC and it tastes good too. I usually eat CBD before bed which works great for me!  This puppy looks ready to help put me to bed. Ten out of ten I would tell a friend. […]

CBD Apothecary 1:1:1

CBD Apothecary 1:1:1 By: Tony CBD Apothecary makes an amazing sleepy time tincture that boasts a full spectrum 1:1 ratio in CBN and THC. CBN is a wonderful new addition to the cannabis world that I think is going to hit home hard for many humans. Having children and living at such a fast pace, […]

Bobsled Disposable CBD Vape

Bobsled Disposable CBD Vape By: Randa This cartridge is a hemp CBD disposable. With less than 4% THC and around 60% CBD, it is an awesome option for relief on the go. The pen itself is pink, which I am absolutely thrilled with. I must warn that getting this cartridge primed can be quite the […]