WVA Terp Diamonds

WVA Terp Diamonds By: Bri Willamette Valley Live Resin Cartridges are some of the finest carts you can get on the market. The quality of the Live Resin oil keeps me coming back. One of their best selling points is that WVA makes their products ‘true-to-strain,’ making a perfect pair for the strict flower smokers, […]

CBD Apothecary CBN/THC Tincture

CBD Apothecary CBN/THC Tincture By: Tony CBD Apothecary makes an amazing sleepy time tincture that boasts a full spectrum 1:1 ratio in CBN and THC. CBN is a wonderful new addition to the cannabis world that I think is going to hit home hard for many humans. Having children and living at such a fast […]

High Desert Pure 800mg CBD Lotion

High Desert Pure 800mg CBD Lotion By: Alyson High Desert Pure is one of my go-to brands for topicals and lotions. I love this product because it left my skin feeling soft and smooth, and not at all greasy. The CBD was soothing on my aching muscles and was able to provide relief. I would […]

Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder By: Randa Bridgforth Today I picked up the purple Santa Cruz shredder. First impression: solid heavy and sturdy. It has a fairly strong magnet that keeps the grinder together which I appreciated because I like taking my green on the go. This helps it stay tight and improved the grinding power. The […]

Midnight Fruit Company Joint Pack

Midnight Fruit Company Joint Pack By: Enzo This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of trying the brand new pre-roll four-pack from our very good friends over at Midnight Fruit Co. These packs include four half-gram high-quality pre-rolls stuffed with some of the best cannabis Oregon has to offer. Midnight Fruit Co. produces some of […]