WVA Live Rosin Badder – Grape Pie X Kush Mints

WVA Live Rosin Badder – Grape Pie X Kush Mints By: Maddy As soon as I saw the new blue packaging on Willamette Valley Alchemy’s latest release of top-shelf dabs, I knew I had to try whatever was inside of the child-proof glass container. The blue tones are a detour from the recognizable logo of […]

Medicine Farm Dragon Balm

Medicine Farm Dragon Balm By: Josh Medicine Farm Botanicals” Extra Strength Dragon’s Blend THC Balm- This balm from Medicine Farm Botanicals is full-spectrum and comes with a total THC of 530 mg. Every Fall/Winter I experience a little soreness as the weather gets cold, this Dragon’s Blend has been really nice for helping with that […]

Totem Farms Joint Pack

Totem Farms Joint Pack By: Enzo Today we are reviewing the Betty Hayes 6 cannabis pre-roll joint pack. Totem Farmers offers up 3 grams of top shelf usable marijuana in a very convenient low key package. The personal matches are not the only show stopper in the pre-roll pack, this high end product also comes […]