Peak: Sunset Sherbert Tincture

Peak: Sunset Sherbert Tincture By: Mike Peak Tinctures are among the highest quality tinctures in the land, but what is a “bright indica”, and why might Peak Bright Indica tincture be for you? A bright indica is Peak’s way of telling us that the effects are going to be calming and de-stressing, without the all […]

Herban Tribe Delta 8 Tincture

Herban Tribe Delta 8 Tincture By: Josh I’ve been using this tincture to help me relax before bedtime, and I feel like it’s been helping considerably! Since I began taking it, I’ve been able to relax easily when I want, with little or no grogginess in the morning. Which is a big deal for me, […]

Leif Goods 1:1 Coffee Chocolate Bar

Leif Goods 1:1 Coffee Chocolate Bar By: Bee Infused with cold brew coffee and sprinkled with crumbled biscotti cookies, Leif Goods offers a chocolate bar that is unattainable anywhere else in the cannabis industry. Infused with high quality cannabis oil, Leif Goods aims to produce products with as clear a conscience as possible 一Sourcing organic […]

WVA Dabs

WVA Dabs By: Maddy If you are a lazy dabber, like me, then it’s easy to see the appeal of an all-in-one portable dab pen like the Puffco Plus. No torch necessary makes enjoying some top-shelf dabs like Willamette Valley Alchemy’s Platinum Kush Breath Live Badder an easy option no matter where the day takes […]

Bobsled Cartridges

Bobsled Cartridges By: Bri Terp Alert! Bobsled Extracts did the damn thing with their live resin sauce cartridges. I have been on the go a ton lately which means I’ve been relying heavily on my dab pen for convenience with no mess or prep. While I love flower, I cannot be driving my bongs around: […]