Rolen Stone

Rolen Stone By: Randa I just got my hands on Rolen Stones rosin and my mind is blown. To start, the packaging was really clean and classy and the rosin itself was in glass, with an easy open lid. It was buttery, melted beautifully, and the flavor was full bodied. A top shelf product but […]

Magic Indica Drops

Magic Indica Drops By: Tony Looking to catch up on some sleep or just have a higher tolerance for edibles? If you’ve tried other tinctures but frankly aren’t into the way they taste or maybe you just don’t like coconut, MCT, or alcohol based tinctures: consider trying out the Magic Number Cream Soda indica high […]

Happy Hippy Bubble Hash

Happy Hippy Bubble Hash By: Enzo As the age of recreation cannabis dominates our culture, quality hash has been harder and harder to find. Thankfully, our friends over at Happy Hippy have us covered. Full spectrum bubble hash is the perfect utility concentrate. Easily thrown on top of a bowl or blended into a joint, […]

Happy Cabbage Farms

Happy Cabbage Farms By: Bri Happy Cabbage Farms’ new solventless ice hash gummies have me in LOVE! Not only are these bad boys potent and consistent each time, but are packed with healthy additives, which is always a win in my book. These gummies are vegan, made with real fruit juice, sweetened with natural beet […]