Truly Pure Green Crack

Truly Pure Green Crack By: Taylor Sativa lovers rejoice! Truly Pure has the Green Crack cartridge we’ve been looking for. I personally have struggled to find this strain in any form for a minute, so I couldn’t wait to crack open this cartridge tube and give it a go. The first thing that set this […]

Chocolate Hashberry

Chocolate Hashberry By: Taylor This Chocolate Hashberry flower is aptly named; As soon as I opened the dram, preparing my night time ritual, I was quickly taken by it’s lovely, heavy handed aroma. The flavor was a perfect dessert of a night cap to draw an end to my day, too. A strong, initial taste […]

Noble Craft 100% Cannabis Flower Pre-Roll

Noble Craft 100% Cannabis Flower Pre-Roll By: Enzo Plati I’m a sucker for branding and packaging. Really. So the moment I laid eyes on a pack of Noble Craft 100% Cannabis Flower Pre-rolls, I knew I was in love. The experience starts when you pick up the pack. From the moment I got it in […]


Decibel By: Enzo LOUD! That is the only word to describe the one gram Pandora’s Box infused pre-roll from Decibel Louds. This heavy hitting cross of Jack the Ripper and Space Queen provides a smooth and focused heady experience. The Single Strain Solventless Infused Pre-Roll is packed full of healthy, award winning flowers. Coated in […]