Mule Extracts: Cranberry & White Grape

Mule Extracts: Cranberry & White Grape By: Bri Mule Extracts new cranberry and white grape Ripped City themed gummies are the latest addition to our edible wall. This gummy taste is just as good as it smells; a delicious sweet treat! Aside from taste this gummy is a worthy choice because Mule’s edibles are strain […]

Junk Butterfly Bars

Junk Butterfly Bars By: Bri Whenever someone asks for a chocolate edible recommendation, I IMMEDIATELY recommend Leif Goods Junk Butterfly Bars as they are my favorite edible my store has. I LOVE these edibles for so many reasons: flavor, portion size, price, and experience are all a 10/10 for me. The flavor of these bad […]

Buddies Live Resin CBD Cartridge

Buddies Live Resin CBD Cartridge By: Maddy During these uncertain times of anxiety, I find myself reaching for my trusted CBD live resin vape pen from Buddies more and more often. If you are a cartridge user looking for a flavorful way to get a mild, happy, clear-headed CBD dominant buzz, then look no further […]

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint Chocolate Chip By: Enzo This tasty and rare cross of Green Ribbon and SinMint Cookies from Midnight Trich Farms provides an uplifting mental experience accompanied by a functional and relaxing body vibe. This sweet and minty treat is offered up in herbal and dense buds. With a solid price point, this Indica-leaning hybrid is […]

Bull Run: Silverlite Cartridge

Bull Run: Silverlite Cartridge By: Randa B Bull Run has absolutely MASTERED the art of the 2:1. They blended the classic Sativa Durban Poison with Silvertip and an unknown CBD strain. It provides an incredible uplifting and balanced experience that isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t leave the consumer overwhelmed or bogged down. It has a pleasant […]