EOS: CBD Inhaler

EOS: CBD Inhaler By: Randa B This innovative product by EOS is probably the most different product I have found on the market. It looks exactly like an inhaler you would use for asthma, making it extremely discreet so you can use it literally anywhere. It does differ from an inhaler as it does not […]

Coping with Coronavirus Fears

Coping with Coronavirus Fears By Margo Amala As SARS-CoV-2 (aka coronavirus) takes the world by storm, the populace of the entire world has to come face to face with fear.  Minute by minute, the media further exploits that fear growing inside of each of us. Fear is a frequency literally everyone grapples with.  Fear serves […]

Black Heart: Brownie Cookie Cayenne and Cinnamon

Black Heart: Brownie Cookie Cayenne and Cinnamon By: Randa B This brownie cookie hybrid is an amazing edible product. It is crispy and firm, but has a chewy aspect that is irresistible. It has a mild spice that really separates it from the rest of the edibles on the market. Each piece has a healthy […]

Virgin Cannabis: Seven Pack of Joints

Virgin Cannabis: Seven Pack of Joints By: Mike “One day, we’ll be able to buy joints by the pack!” I remember saying this to friends, and having it said to me on more than one occasion in my youth. That day is now in Oregon, but all packs of joints are not created equal. In […]

Go Fudge Yourself Review

Go Fudge Yourself Review By: Mike Laurie and Mary Jane’s have blessed us once again with a line of top-tier edibles. We at Urban Farmacy are so excited to add Fudge Yourself full-spectrum chocolate fudge to our refrigerated section. These are 50mg delights which come in Chocolate Indica, Chocolate Sativa, Strawberry Cream Hybrid, Vegan Chocolate […]