Om Remedies: Love Bomb

Om Remedies: Love Bomb By: Julie If you’re looking to improve your bedtime sports performance, cannabis-infused lube is the secret. The Love Bomb sensual body butter from OM Remedies is such a game-changer! This product is a coconut oil-based balm that facilitates both maximal comfort and heightened sensation with immediate results. Its natural alkalinity makes […]

Luminous Botanicals Earth

Luminous Botanicals Earth By: Emily Luminous Botanicals Earth is a tincture, a topical, and a sensual oil all rolled into one. This coconut and almond oil is CBD dominant. Each dose contains 9mg of CBD, and 1mg of THC. I predominantly use this oil orally during the day for nerve pain that resides in my […]

Mule Kicker: Cannabis Gummy

Mule Kicker: Cannabis Gummy By: Randa I am shook! The pineapple gummy from Mule is incredible. My mouth watered as soon as I opened the package. The pineapple smell was so juicy: it tasted exactly as it smelled. In the past, it’s been trouble finding a consistency I enjoy, but this one finally hit the […]

Dosi Mint By Midnight Fruit Company

Dosi Mint By Midnight Fruit Company By: Trevor Midnight Fruit Company is one of my favorite farms since they’ve been introduced to Urban Farmacy. I honestly can’t get enough of them: all the flower is top-notch! Not only the looks, but the smell, taste and smokability all are outstanding 10/10! More specifically, the Dosi Mint […]