Willamette Valley Alchemy Bluenana Cartridge

Willamette Valley Alchemy Bluenana Cartridge By: Maddy As a daily cartridge user, I always love trying new strains of live resin from Willamette Valley Alchemy because of their high quality, adulterant-free oil. With the recent hype about health concerns surrounding vape cartridges, it is imperative to support transparent cannabis companies producing quality live resin meeting […]

Johnny Oilseed Co2 Cartridge

Johnny Oilseed Co2 Cartridge By: Mike Johnny Oilseed is connoisseur quality craft oil at a value price point. Johnny’s got a couple different looks he hits you with: First are the oil-tails. Think cocktail, but we are talking about Co2 oil. Johnny Oilseed oil-tails combine two or more different strains of Co2 oil into one […]

Periodic Caramel- CBD Balance

Periodic Caramel – CBD Balance By: Randa  Periodic Elements CBD 2:1 Caramel is something I will certainly be coming back for. The caramel was chewy and melted in my mouth: I love that I can control the dosing. Since it comes in one big piece it is super simple to cut into the dose of […]

Midnight Fruit Company’s Pink Sunset

Midnight Fruit Company’s Pink Sunset By: Mike We see a lot of premium indica cannabis flowers come and go through the door here at Urban Farmacy. It seems there’s always a new flavor of the week to excite the Indica crowd: the bliss induced by the Pink Sunset is unparalleled for me. Pink Sunset hits […]

What on Earth is an Anthocyanin?

What on Earth is an Anthocyanin? By Margo Amala Many cannabis enthusiasts are lured by the vibrant colors and hues found in cannabis buds. While the most common color in the cannabis plant is green: when you examine a dried flower each cultivar can express unique colors ranging from pink, blue, purple and even black […]

Dab Tool

Dab Tool By: Randa Dabbing and convenience don’t always seem synonymous. That said, as a person who loves dabbing I am always looking for ways to simplify the process. I just picked up this silicone dab straw with titanium tip. This is the epitome of convenience. All you have to do is heat the tip […]