Lite Me Up Flower

Lite Me Up Flower By: CannaRanda The “Lite Me Up” by Bull Run Craft Cannabis has an incredibly fresh and light nose with citrus and floral notes. The flower had a perfect spring to it; it is sticky icky in the best way. Being a 2:1 CBD dominant flower, I was expecting a clear headed […]

Dosing Cannabis to Increase Relaxation (Part Two)

Dosing Cannabis to Increase Relaxation Part two in our blog series Understanding the Relationship Between Cannabis and Anxiety. Written By: CannaRanda B “Educated – Medicated – Dedicated” Everyone comes to cannabis for a different reason. As a budtender at Urban Farmacy, I see many people are seeking assistance in de-stressing and relaxation. Understanding how cannabis […]

Toasty’s 1:1 Cheese Crackers

Toasty’s 1:1 Cheese Crackers By: Budtender Emily Sitting by the river eating cheese crisps and hummus. Can’t get any better, right? Wrong! These cheese crisps are made with THC and CBD. Each cheese crisp is an explosion of flavor, and a treat to the taste buds. Then, an hour later your body starts relaxing itself […]

Lady Jay’s

Lady Jay’s By: Budtender Lucy Convenience, Flavor and experience: Lady Jay’s ten pack of half gram joints hits the sweet spot on all counts. The Northern Lights 10 pack of joints by Lady Jay’s was spicy and smooth; a great smoke to chill with during the day. The Blackberry 10 pack was sweet, rich and […]

Flow States & Cannabis

Flow States & Cannabis By Margo Amala Are you seeking altered states of consciousness?  You are not alone, as a matter of fact humans have practiced altering their states of consciousness in almost every society in the world since the dawn of civilization.  The earliest documented practices are found via cave drawings as early as […]

Bull Run – Rose Petal 2g Joint

Bull Run – Rose Petal 2g Joint By: Budtender Maddy What a delight to the senses! This rose petal wrapped blunt of Scarlet Fire from Bull Run Craft Cannabis burned slowly, smoked smoothly, and left my lips feeling soft. The Pepita offers a fun, artful new way to experience BR’s flavorful flowers. It has a […]

Altered States: Music & Cannabis

Altered States: Music & Cannabis By Margo Amala Humans love to shift their states of consciousness. Exploring our consciousness is a driving force behind even simple daily activities such as: drinking coffee, consuming cannabis, having sex, listening to music, doing yoga, exercising or going skiing. While each of these activities elicits a different experience, the […]

Cannabis Lingo 101

Cannabis Lingo 101 By Margo Amala The world of cannabis has evolved so quickly as legalization is literally sweeping around the world. Some places are steeped in legal cannabis culture, while others remain largely enshrouded in the taboo black market access to marijuana. What this means for you, is that your experience with and access […]

Dawg Biscuits Flower Review

Dawg Biscuits Marijuana Flower Review By: Tony From the moment I opened the jar to smell this beautiful flower, I was hit with a terpene blast! My nose tingled with joy: I couldn’t wait to try her out! Inhale was sweet and earthy with an underlying tone of floral delight! As with any cookie cross […]