Recreational Cannabis Dispensary 101: What To Expect

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January 5, 2018
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Welcome to Urban Farmacy! We’ve compiled a list of helpful information for your visit.

Location: Our address is 420 NE 60th Ave, Portland, OR 97213. We are located in a large red barn between NE Glisan Street and NE Flanders Street on NE 60th Ave. The closest MAX stop to us is NE 60th Ave.

Parking: We have a very small parking lot behind our shop with 3 regular parking spots and 1 handicap parking spot. Parking is also generally available on the neighboring streets. For handicapped patrons we have an entrance equipped with a ramp in the back of the building, adjacent to the parking lot.

Arrival: We welcome all recreational patrons over 21 years old and OMMP patients over 18 years old. Upon walking into the shop, you will be greeted by a staff member sitting at the reception desk and asked to present a valid government-issued ID. If you are an OMMP patient, you are required to present a valid government-issued ID alongside your valid OMMP card. If your ID does not meet the requirements of the OLCC’s acceptable ID’s, we cannot allow you into the shop to purchase. We do not save any recreational customer information within our database.

Special Note: We want all patrons to feel comfortable. If you go by a name and/or pronoun that differs from what is listed on your ID, please let our staff know. By law we are unable to keep recreational customer information within our database so please don’t hesitate to remind us every time you visit. 

At our shop, we aspire to provide a stress-free 1-on-1 experience that is conducive to educating the customer and leaving room for questions. In doing so, we allow 1 person/group per budtender within the product room at any time. If all budtenders are assisting other patrons, we will ask you to wait in the lobby until another patron completes their visit. While we make every effort to limit wait times, a wait of 5-20 minutes is possible to encounter. We always have menus and magazines in the lobby.

Within the Shop: Once you enter the product room, you will be helped by one of our budtenders. We have menus at each budtending station that lists all budget flower, cartridges, concentrates/extracts, edibles, and topicals that we carry. We have two display cases featuring our flower, two blackboards listing our pre-rolls, and a variety of other products spread throughout the shop. By law, customers are not allowed to physically handle any product (this includes flower) prior to completing a purchase, but our budtenders are happy to grab any product to show you. 

Products that are not in child-resistant packaging are required to leave the shop in an exit bag. Assuming the exit bag closure is still properly functioning, exit bags are reusable at any shop. We charge 75 cents per exit bag and recommend you bring it with you any time you visit a dispensary.

Miscellaneous: We are a cash-only shop, but we have an ATM on-site. There is a $3 ATM fee that is charged by the ATM company. Pets are not allowed in our shop but we welcome service animals. You are permitted to take photos within the shop during your visit as long as our staff members are not featured in the photos. We offer specials on different product groups every day of the week.

We hope to see you soon!